This Autumn, I will be creating an exhibition as part of the Linen Biennale NI at the Arches Society in Randalstown, Co. Antrim Northern Ireland.

Part of this will be made up of artefacts, pictures, samples and documents from a local linen factory called 'The Old Bleach' in Randalstown. And part of the exhibition will be made up of textile art work that I create.

For such a small town, with a population of approximately 5,000 this factory had a huge affect on the town and it's community. The Factory was founded in 1864 by Charles James Web, a Quaker whose family came from Dublin. Originally a cotton mill, the linen produced here became famous throughout the world with 'Old Bleach' becoming a household name. The company grew to have offices in London and New York and their linens even graced the tables of Royal Palace.

The Old Bleach factory is just one example, but the Linen Industry in Northern Ireland was booming at a time. I am interested in capturing stories from people who worked in textile factories, the textile techniques they used, traditions they had in making the finest quality of work by hand - a tradition which may have been lost since then - and what impact this work had on communities.

I would like the artwork to be informed by these stories, or indeed whatever stories you would like to tell and explore the impact of new technology and social media on traditions in younger generations. 
So do get in touch, get involved, share your story, send your pictures, samples and patterns as part of the Linen Biennale Northern Ireland 2018.